Tips for automobile maintenance in summer

Maintenance of air con systems, battery sanitation, checking the cooling water system, brake review and particularly the tires checked square measure things to notice with automobile once it operate within the summer.

Summer is that the time of the trip, vacation. Before along with family, friends rolling on the new, blazing road you ought to get the automobile review and maintenance. this permits vehicle operation higher and safety. additionally, facilitate saving repair value.

Tips for automobile maintenance in summer
Tips for automobile maintenance in summer

The heat from the setting and long distance movement have an effect on greatly the car’s performance and also the risk of out of whack for elements. Cracking tip-off, open water tanks, tires overheat, too tense, brakes not sensible, hot air … can cut back the performance of the engine considerably, fuel-efficient vehicles, the vehicle’s elements operate unstable.

Checking the tires


Tires square measure one in every of the foremost straightforward visual elements on the automobile, however they’re additionally the foremost straightforward unmarked elements (even for workshops and technicians). within the hot summer, the outside temperature will reach over forty degrees, the temperature will increase, the tire pressure will increase. Tire stretch is just too dangerous, broken damper elements, shaked car, noise. Tires square measure too gentle, then automobile can run fuel-efficient cars and simple to induce nail.

Changing the oil and filtering oil

Machine oil is that the lifeblood of the engine, creating the engine operate swimmingly, expeditiously. beneath the usage steering of the corporate, you ought to dynamical engine oil at each five,000 km, with appropriate oil, grade as suggested by the manufacturer.
As equally, the sort of brake fluid, booster oil, demand oil, gear oil ought to additionally check and replace if necessary. In extreme conditions, high temperatures, oil liable to deterioration, structural modification, reduced lifetime.

Replacing the air cleaner of air con

After the winter, the air cleaner learning were dirty by road dirt and garbage. air cleaner is clogged which might increase fuel consumption. substitution the air con filter makes the air contemporary and improve fuel consumption by 100%.

Replacing rain brushed broom

Summer is that the season, therefore you have got to use several rain brushed system. Visibility are ruled by the state of the push rain broom. when a year of operation, the push rain broom is usually hardened, torn. Therefore, you ought to replace new push rain broom which can build the open wide, bright, pure vision.